We do a disservice to our daughters when we tell them to give a nice boy a chance. We do a disservice to our sons when we prime our daughters to think that nice boys can’t be interesting boys, that there is a clear line between the boy they will want and the boy that […]

Sometimes when we break, it isn’t complete.  Jagged pieces catch and rend, but there’s still a part that’s unbroken. That’s the most dangerous time, because sometime, somehow, someone will make it past your bites and barbs and bristles to where you are, to where you remain, and they’ll hurt you again. And then you will […]

Is it kind to be kind? Is it kind to lie because the truth will hurt? Is it kind to sit in silence because you think your words will sting? Do you think so little of yourself that you worry more about hurting others than hurting yourself?

All this time, all this time you’ve let other people fill you up with their dreams and their ideas, their desires and their fears. And now, you’ve said, “Stop!” But what will you fill yourself up with now, what will fill you up to bursting and chase away the cold and the dark and the […]

premise – immediate aftermath

Where do you store the tearsThe ones you haven’t shed?The ones you kept inside? All those tears from all those years.  All those times I bit my bottom lip or dug my nails into my palms, looked up at the clouds or counted until the heat behind my eyes subsided, all those times I pushed […]

Liquid courage.  There’s a reason they call it that.  Warm pools in her stomach, licking out 

If you think secrets are only found in whispers And despair is tied to a frown; You’ll never understand the small, sad smiles; The slipping and dipping and drowning right in front of you.

I try to remember why I am here, alone, hot and cold, awake and unwaking, half dressed and splayed across an unfamiliar bed. I am caught in thoughts without end, the clock ticking by time evermore, red numbers glaring in the half-darkness. I remember trying so hard, so hard to hold onto the edge of […]

Where do you store the tears The ones you haven’t shed? The ones you kept inside?